About Us

About Us

With a supportive, motivational, and challenging learning environment, New Life Preparatory Academy instills in its students and student-athletes the confidence to succeed at the collegiate level and beyond. We are Christ-centered, with excellence in faith, academics, character, and service. We offer a biblically integrated, Christ-centered curriculum. We partner with FLVS and ACE as our Curriculum providers which delivers an online experience like no other with a mandatory consecration of the Old and New Testament Survey through a blended effort to offer college prep and honors courses, as well as dual enrollment with Broward College. Students are taught to see life from God’s point of view, to take responsibility for their own learning, and to walk in Godly wisdom and character.

New Life Preparatory Academy was established in the year 2000 as an outreach ministry of New Life Apostolic Church of Jesus, Inc. in Pompano Beach, Florida. Since its inception as a private middle and preparatory high school, New Life Preparatory Academy has continued to prosper and developed into a valuable source to the community to which it serves.

Our Mission

The mission of New Life Preparatory Academy is to partner with families to lead students in a Christ-centered learning community with a goal that would instill the vision and practice of excellence in academics, character, and service for God’s glory; equipping our students to take their place in the world for a lifetime of personal ministry.

Our Vision

New Life Preparatory Academy endeavors to provide a Biblical environment and a sound view of the World in which we live, so that they may be in a position to serve the Lord more effectively throughout their lives.

We believe that the responsibility for educating children rests with the parents, and not the state. Godly training in the home is augmented and extended in the Christian school. Individual goals for students include the following:

  • To guide the student toward a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord,
  • To give the student an understanding of the Bible and to present all subject matter in the light of God’s Word,
  • To provide a sound academic education in appropriate content areas, emphasizing basic skills, good study habits, and creative and critical thinking,
  • To teach the essentials of effective Christian citizenship, and an appreciation of our Christian and American heritages,
  • To encourage in the student attitudes of love, respect, and compassion toward all men,
  • To develop in the student Biblical ethics and Christian standards of morality.

We offer a safe environment dedicated to instilling Life Skills as its core value, scholarships, and after-school tutoring as we prepared to become a National Premier Athletic Program. New Life Preparatory Academy administers a curriculum-based education through our partners who are Nationally and Regionally accredited and NCAA Certified.

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